The Ultimate Mormon March Madness Bracket Begins Today


Today at noon, LDS Living will kick off its very own March Madness bracket. If you're not a sports fan, don't worry. This bracket has everything to do with celebrating LDS culture and little to do with sports—except, of course, church ball and the Holy War.

Mormon culture can often get a bad rap, but, while we know Latter-day Saints are not perfect, we love our culture—quirkiness, classic cheesy films, jiggly jello and all. In order to help us remember some of the positive and fun things LDS culture has produced, we decided to create a bracket pitting 32 iconic and quirky aspects of our culture against each other to see which one will rise above the rest and become victorious.

The bracketwill feature classic matchups like hot chocolate vs. caffeine, cultural hall receptions vs. mission reunions, Saturday's Warrior vs. Johnny Lingo, CTR rings vs. knee-length shorts, singles wards vs. the beard debate, and so many more

So what things about Mormon culture do you think are the most iconic? Can you predict which LDS loves will rise and which will fall?

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Beginning today at noon, we will launch the tournament on LDS Living's Instagram account, pitting each lovable aspect of Mormon-dom against each other in a two-week battle to the death! Follow us on Instagram so you don't miss a vote. The rounds will kick off today with each day focusing on a different aspect of LDS culture: food, activities, media, and culture. Each day up until Thursday, March 29, will bring a new matchup as we whittle the contenders down to the Elite Eight, Final Four, and finally, the one, most iconic Mormon culture champion.

To participate, follow us on Instagram and watch for our poll in our Instagram stories each day.

Download our bracket today to see if you can predict the outcomes of these Mormon matchups. 

Download the bracket here.


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