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8 meaningful gifts for those who are grieving


Grief is part of our life here on earth and can come from a variety of sources. However, that doesn’t make it any easier. We all want to help our friends and family who are grieving, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to help. Each person’s grief is as unique and personal as their life, but we’ve compiled a few suggestions that we hope can help you as you comfort the ones you love. 

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One Breath at a Time

Gabrielle Shiozawa was just three weeks away from high school graduation when she lost her dad unexpectedly. As she struggled to heal, she began to experience an overflow of knowledge, spiritual insights, and growth that strengthened her testimony.

Until You Find Strength

Everyone experiences loss differently and grieves in their own way, but author Jason F. Wright has learned from his own life some key principles to regaining your footing and finding tranquility after a devastating loss.

Heal You Print - Print

Our loving Savior is depicted thoughtfully holding a woman. Kate Lee's art makes a great reminder of the strength of Christ's caring for each of us and his willingness to comfort and support us throughout this life. He truly provides healing to our hearts and souls as well as our physical bodies.

For Times of Trouble

Our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy. And yet, we all have times of trouble. As Elder Jeffrey R. Holland writes, "One of the unfailing facts of mortal life is the recurring presence of trouble . . . When these difficult days (and nights!) come—and they will—it will help us to remember that 'it must needs be,' that in the grand councils of heaven before the world was, we agreed to such a time of challenge and refinement. We were taught then that facing, resolving, and enduring troublesome times was the price we would pay for progress. And we were committed to progress eternally."

When Times Are Tough: 5 Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything

Earth life has been characterized as a series of tests, trials, temptations, and tragedies, but through the gospel and the scriptures, our Heavenly Father has given us answers that will help us survive and find joy in the midst of our troubles.

Peace in Christ Print

This beautifully simple print from artist Kate Lee depicts Christ carrying a girl in his arms. Done in her unique style, this print will add a reminder of Christ's love to any room.

The God Who Weeps: How Mormonism Makes Sense of Life

"The Givenses are never confrontational or aggressive in their presentation of Mormonism’s contribution to the discussion nor do they ever whip out a trump card of why the Mormon perspective is to be crowned king. The result is a very readable, reasonable and thought-provoking experience."

Silent Souls Weeping

Through the power of story, nationally recognized journalist Jane Clayson Johnson shines a light on the desperate, dark, and lonely reality faced by those who struggle with clinical depression. At once hopeful and heart-wrenching, Silent Souls Weeping examines the stigma and isolation associated with depression, as well as the dangers of perfectionistic tendencies and suicidal ideation.

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