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11 journals you'll want to write in all year


Many of us hit reset on our study habits and set personal goals at the start of a new year. So why not refresh the way you record your thoughts with a unique new journal? Whether you're looking for a study tool to help with Come, Follow Me, a place to record your personal insights, or inspired prompts on the Sabbath or personal revelation, you're sure to find a journal hand-tailored to your stage of life.

Blank Journals

Kate Lee Journals

$14.99 each

Featuring cover artwork by Kate Lee. 160 lines pages + ribbon bookmark.

Becky Higgins Notebooks

$7.99 each

120 lined pages. Wire binding. Perfect for taking on the go!

Calee Reed Journals

$14.99 each

Inspired by Calee Reed. Linen cover with foil stamping. 160 lined pages + ribbon bookmark.

Inspirational Blank Journals

$13.99 each

Linen covers, 120 lined pages, + ribbon bookmarks.

Scripture Study Journals

Don't Miss This in the Old Testament 2022 Journal


This journal is the perfect Old Testament study companion and includes a weekly study guide, fun and interactive activities, and room to take notes as you follow along with the Don’t Miss This YouTube video series.

Let's Dig In 2022 Journal


Created specifically for Sunday on Monday listeners in mind, this journal includes a Hebrew word for each week chosen by the podcast host, Tammy Uzelac Hall. With room for your thoughts and a designated spot for weekly takeaways, the Let’s Dig In journal will enhance both your study of Come, Follow Me lessons for the week and your Sunday on Monday listening experience.

And These Words Scripture Study Journal


A scripture study journal from best-selling author Emily Belle Freeman to help you develop a regular study pattern and record your thoughts and impressions along the way.

Guided Journals

Finding Sabbath


A guided journal by Courtney Casper.

In all our hyper-connectivity, we should remember the Sabbath day is a gift of lasting connection with heaven that tethers us to God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

This guided journal will help you build a focused connection to God each week, opening doors to personal inspiration and helping you create your own personal record of worship, learning, and growth.

Finding the Lord in All Things Journal


Finding the Lord in All Things is a quick and easy solution to the task of daily journaling. With three years and 365 questions, this hardcover journal can help you see your spiritual progression, and will become a treasured keepsake.

My Spiritual Experiences Journal


If you've ever wished you'd written down a prompting, recorded a tender mercy, or kept track of personal revelations, My Spiritual Experiences Journal is for you.

Eight themed sections give plenty of space to record those moments you've wanted to keep for yourself and your posterity. Theme prompts help jog your memories of spiritual experiences you've had and not yet recorded, or help highlight new experiences as they happen. My Spiritual Experiences Journal is a dedicated place to keep your experiences readily available for personal reflection, talks, lessons, and more.

Missionary Journals

Hardcover Blank Missionary Journals

$13.99 each

The perfect linen journal for your missionary heading out into the field! Each journal comes with 160 missionary-specific pages and prompts to help them reflect on their mission experience.

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