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122-Year-Old Woman from Mexico Is Baptized Into the LDS Church


What a powerful example of following our Savior regardless of obstacles in our lives. As Elder Josh Bauman wrote in an email to his family, "The whole time [Juanita] was in [the baptismal font] she was saying 'Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus,' but with a small voice that struck right into the very center of your heart. After they baptized her, she came up and said, 'Kolabal Jesucristo,' which is Tzeltal [the Mayan language] for 'Thank you, Jesus Christ.'" 

Juanita is not your average 122-year-old. But then again, is there such a thing as an average 122-year-old?

Probably not.

This is exactly what makes Juanita so unique and exceptional.

At the young age of 122, Juanita recently decided to make a covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ and be received into His church through baptism.

Lead image from Mormon Light
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