16 games and puzzles your family will love this holiday season


With touchscreen devices taking over more and more family time, it's hard to find screen-free activities the whole family will enjoy. The good news is that the holiday season is the perfect time to bond as a family over a new board game or puzzle. Whether your kids are still young or if they have kids of their own, there are plenty of great Christmas gift options with these entertaining activities. With so many to choose from, you're sure to find something your whole family will love!

Skull King Card Game

Ahoy ye knaves and scallywags, I reckon ye be here to investigate the racket that this here game has stirred up in homes across the seven seas. With its addictive mechanics and compelling strategy, it’s spreading faster than the black plague from crew to crew. I warn ye, if ye give in to the urge to try this here game, ye’ll have a hard time leaving it be. For once ye choose the Skull King’s path, it’s one ye shant ever leave.

Cover Your Kingdom Card Game

In this exciting and hilarious game you'll each assume the role of a Ruler of your very own Magical Kingdom. The only problem is that your Kingdoms' are all empty and devoid of Magic!

Telestrations Upside Drawn Game

It's Telestrations, but Upside Down! This take on the award-winning Telestrations game gives a whole new meaning to laugh out loud miscommunication. Telestrations: Upside Drawn puts a teamwork spin on "The Telephone Game Sketched Out" by putting the pen in one person's hand, and control of the board in another's! Only through "Up" or "Down" directives can the team put the pen and board together to guess the clue first! The team to reach 10 points wins!

Scripture Stories Memory Matching Game

Flip the cards to find matching pictures! includes 72 cards. 1 or more players. Ages 3+.

Temples of the World Memory Matching Game

Flip the cards to find matching pictures! Includes 72 cards. 1 or more players. Ages 3+.

It Came to Pass

A heart-pounding, card-slapping game of strategy and fun for Latter-day Saints. Every point in your hand will count against you &mash; like the wages of sin & mash; so discard them as quickly as you can before someone says “Pass” and it’s time for an accounting.

Book of Mormon Battles

Book of Mormon Battles is an exciting game of strategy and chance. Players battle one another using 56 different heroes and villains from the Book of Mormon. The highest score wins the round, and the winner adds the defeated cards to his own ranks. But beware . . . Stripling Warriors or Famine cards may change everything. Let the battle begin!

Book of Mormon Who Said?

Individuals and families will love matching their favorite Book of Mormon characters with the memorable things they said. Popular artist Val Chadwick Bagley has created dozens of charming, colorful drawings that bring these characters straight out of history and into your life.

Who Said . . . Follow the Prophet Card Game

Fun for the whole family! For two or more players, ages three and up. Perfect for Family Home Evenings, Sunday activities, and Primary and Sunday School classes, any time you're in the mood for some good, clean fun!

Pillars 1000 Piece Puzzle

Pillars by Tom Holdman.

Come Unto Me 1000 Piece Puzzle

Come Unto Me by Tom Holdman.

Love One Another 1000 Piece Puzzle

Pick up this Love one Another 1000 piece puzzle! This colorful, puzzle features the artwork of Emma Taylor offering a great reminder that we are all children of Heavenly Parents, who love us.

Love at Home 500 Piece Puzzle

Colorful 500 piece puzzle.

Temples of the World 1000 Piece Puzzle

Bryan Beach's colorful map of the world sets an expansive mood, celebrating cultures, geography, wildlife, and even musical instruments from across the globe. Distinctive depictions of 84 temples add a peaceful touch. If you don't already know how satisfying and unifying puzzles can be, it's about time you discovered the Power of Puzzles!

Temples of the United States 1000 Piece Puzzle

This 1000-piece puzzle of the United States is a captivating way to unwind and rejuvenate, whether you're gathered around with loved ones or passing time on your own. You'll enjoy the playful depictions of every region of our vast land and appreciate anew the blessings of the temples that "dot the land."

Old Time Christmas 1000 Piece Puzzle

Old Time Christmas by Brent Borup

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