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13+ Outdoor Activities for Your Youth This Summer


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Sports, Camping, and Outdoors

Sports and physical activities

Fun 5K

Hold a 5K run or walk for youth and the community.


Develop physical fitness and build community.


Hold a 5K run or walk for youth. Invite an experienced runner to teach about warming up, cooling down, or running techniques. Have him or her speak about the benefits of physical fitness. You could also invite members of the community to participate.

Connect with what we’re learning


  • Why does the Lord want me to be healthy? (Aaronic Priesthood)
  • Why does the Lord want me to be healthy? (Young Women)
  • “Physical Health” (Duty to God)
  • Knowledge value project, bullet 3 (Personal Progress)
  • Sports tournament

    Host a sports tournament for the youth and community.


    Increase physical fitness and encourage friendships through athletics.

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