14 Photos of President Monson That Will Make You Love Him Even More

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Photo courtesy of LDS Church News, taken from To the Rescue

Being greeted warmly by the Saints in the South Seas on the Monsons' 1965 visit.

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Photo by Gerry Avant, LDS Church News, taken from To the Rescue

On August 26, 1996, walking down the path from the sacred spot on a hilltop between Dresden and Meissen where he offered the 1975 prayer of dedication for the German Democratic Republic.

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Photo by Jason N. Swensen, Deseret News, taken from To the Rescue

Draped in Mexican serapes to stay warm, President Thomas S. Monson and President Henry B. Eyring salute the crowd of 87,000 inside Mexico city's Azteca Stadium during the LDS cultural event prior to the Mexico City Temple rededication. Ann Monson Dibb (seated, right) looks on.

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