15 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up What It's Like When Conference Is Coming

Conference—it's a magical time of the year for Mormons, one filled with delicious food, nostalgic memories, and inspiring moments. And just as with every special event, the anticipation helps create some of the wonder of this bi-annual tradition. Here are just a few telltale signs that let you know conference is coming:

1. When Mom comes home from Costco with two gallons of orange juice and three dozen frozen cinnamon rolls.

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2. When you get an urge to play Mormon bingo and start humming "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet" on your way to work.

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3. When all the gardeners are busy around Temple Square trimming and pruning until it looks like a mini-Eden.

4. When you get butterflies and feel as giddy as a little kid at Christmas whenever you think about the first weekend in April or October.

5. When you keep telling all your friends, "I don't think I'll have time. My weekend is already looking pretty packed."

7. When all you feel like doing is staying in your pajamas for a weekend.

8. When your parents walk into the store and come away with an entire new pantry of food.

9. When Dad starts fiddling with the TV constantly and doing trial DVR runs, you know conference is coming.

10. When Temple Square starts looking more like Times Square.

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11. When Grandma spends eight straight hours in the kitchen making her special casserole and a decadent dessert.

12. When all you can talk about with friends is what's going down this weekend—who might be speaking, what they'll say, how your life will be changed forever.

13. When you get the urge to start tweeting Elder Holland memes and President Uchtdorf quotes.

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14. When all you want to listen to on the radio is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

15. When that moment finally comes and you are welcomed to the first official session of general conference.

Happy conferencing everyone! 

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