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15 Latter-day Saint audio books for a more inspiring commute

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Many of us have returned to the office and commute long distances to work each day, or simply need something to do while running errands in the car or working around the house. Regardless of how busy you are, audiobooks are a great way to inspire and uplift, without worry about finding time to sit and focus on reading. Check out these 15 great audiobooks available from Deseret Book—and listen to all of them for free when you start your 30-day trial of Bookshelf PLUS+.

Compassion: The Great Healer's Art

Throughout His life, the Savior showed an unlimited capacity for compassion as He blessed, lifted, and healed people wherever He went. His focus was to love and serve everyone around Him, then and now. Both through His treatment of others and through the loving gifts that He has provided us to guide us back to Him, Christ continually demonstrates compassion for each of God’s children and invites us to do the same.

Divine Quietness: Finding Meaning When Heaven Is Silent

Do you ever feel like your sincere, heartfelt prayers are ignored or met with silence? Do you wonder why a loving God would ever refuse to answer? Divine Quietness explores the reasons God sometimes answers our prayers with silence, in spite of our best efforts.

Our Day Star Rising

In his decades as a teacher and an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has often shared remarkable insights gleaned from his study of the New Testament. Our Day Star Rising compiles these insights: those about the history and context of the New Testament as well as teachings from the New Testament, wherein he uses its verses to cast new light on various doctrinal themes.

The Law of Love

THE LAW OF LOVE—loving as God loves, seeking another's healing, expecting nothing in return—is a simple principle with profound, life-changing implications. How can we live the law of love? Steve Young shares insights from his own multifaceted life as well as from others who are scientists, fellow Latter-day Saints, Anglican, atheist, Baptist, Catholic, Confucian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and secular people of wisdom, as well as from the scriptures. This practical book may shift your mindset to a more expansive worldview that just might change everything. Whether in football, work, church, or family, the law of love is undefeated.

The Parables of Jesus

Why did Jesus teach in parables? Because some will have eyes to see and ears to hear, and others will not (see Matthew 13:10-17). That was clearly the case in His day, so how well do we really understand His many parable today? In The Parable of Jesus, Elder Gerald N. Lund shares not only the ancient context and setting in which each parable was taught, but also illuminates the language and layers found within the parables, helping us see the application for our own lives today.

Reaching for the Savior

Drawing upon her unique life experiences, Sister Reyna Aburto invites readers to join with her in strengthening Christ's Church. Through her relatable style and humble approach, Sister Aburto shares her insights about growing up in Nicaragua, losing her brother in a devastating earthquake, having a spouse struggle with addiction, dealing with divorce and single parenting, joining the Church, and developing a deep conviction of the Savior's love and the transcendent power of His atoning sacrifice.

From Grace to Charity

What does grace have to do with charity? How does receiving one lead to gaining the other? Scripture tells us that charity is a love that causes us to lay down our lives for someone. A greater love. A love that we must pray to be filled with. The pure love of Christ. What if charity is the outward expression of our inward understanding of grace? It is meeting others where they are, as they are, and then lifting them. It is the way of Christ.

One Breath at a Time: Lessons on Grief and Growth

This poignant offering from a young, talented writer includes commentary on the character of Christ and personal insights about bodies, salvation, temples, and more. Through a combination of insightful reflections on gospel principles and a poetic narrative on the author's experiences with her father, One Breath at a Time: Lessons on Grief and Growth gives an authentic and inspiring look into how people can heal, grow, and come closer to Christ through grief and loss.

A Walk in My Shoes: Questions I'm Often Asked as a Gay Latter-day Saint

A Walk in My Shoes: Questions I’m Often Asked as a Gay Latter-day Saint invites readers to act upon the counsel given by President M. Russell Ballard to "listen to and understand what our LGBT brothers and sisters are feeling and experiencing." The book follows the journey of Ben Schilaty, a licensed therapist and BYU Honor Code administrator, as he works to reconcile his faith with his sexual orientation.

The Holy Invitation

You may feel a little intimidated when you're preparing to enter the temple for the first time. Fortunately, this book can help. It offers answers about the endowment by providing a frame for you to understand the purposes and procedures of its ordinances.

Finding Promised Blessings on the Covenant Path

You have been taught to stay on the covenant path—but this can feel daunting if you don’t fully understand what that path is or if you’re even on it. The answer to moving forward lies in more completely comprehending the starting point and the promises you make along the way.

Let's Talk about Race and Priesthood

Few topics related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are as complex and painful to understand as the policy that for 130 years restricted members of Black African descent from priesthood ordination and receiving temple ordinances. Through the lens of modern scholarship and a trust in revelation, historian W. Paul Reeve offers vital historical context and insight on the origins of the restrictions, race relations both within and outside of the Church, the effects of implementing and eventually removing the policy, and other questions surrounding this sensitive topic.

Every Needful Thing

A collection of essays from accomplished academics and professionals who speak about discipleship not only with their minds but also from their hearts. Instead of pushing us to choose between faith and reason, love and law, truth within the restored gospel and truth in the wider world of God’s children, these writers urge us to seek “anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report” and learn to live in a world of complexity and abundance.

Silent Souls Weeping

Through the power of story, nationally recognized journalist Jane Clayson Johnson shines a light on the desperate, dark, and lonely reality faced by those who struggle with clinical depression. At once hopeful and heart-wrenching, Silent Souls Weeping examines the stigma and isolation associated with depression, as well as the dangers of perfectionistic tendencies and suicidal ideation.

Original Grace

In Original Grace, Adam S. Miller proposes an experiment in Restoration thinking: What if instead of implicitly affirming the traditional logic of original sin, we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, emphasized the deeper reality of God's original grace? What if we broke entirely with the belief that suffering can sometimes be deserved and claimed that suffering can never be deserved?

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