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14 meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas


We love the chance to celebrate women and mothers and remind them of their worth and importance. Here are some meaningful and beautiful gifts you can give to show the mothers in your life that you love them.

To Cheer and to Bless

Relive some of the most memorable talks from the last 20 years of Time Out for Women. Learn new insights, be inspired by your favorite speakers, and find greater hope in the Savior.

TOFW tickets also make a great Mother's Day gift! Save $20 on registration now.

Grace to Become

Have you ever found yourself in a waiting place, wondering how and when The Lord’s promises will be fulfilled?”

In this companion book to Grace Where You Are, best-selling author Emily Belle Freeman explores the relationship between faith and works and how the sacred gift of grace can lead each of us back to the presence of God.

"Sisterhood" by Kate Lee

A unique work of inspirational watercolor conveys powerful messages of faith, hope, and love.

First: The Life and Faith of Emma Smith

Drawing upon the writings of Emma Smith, along with minutes from Relief Society meetings and other artifacts, Church Historian Jenny Reeder sketches a more complete portrait of this elect lady. The book helps readers to feel personally acquainted with Emma and learn more about her essential work.

Women and the Priesthood (Revised Edition), Journal Edition

This enlightening book shows how studying the doctrine of the priesthood will help you find the answers you seek about women and the priesthood, about women in the Church, and the vital influence righteous women can have in the world.

Katie Loxton Candles

A beautiful blend of essential oils creates soft, comforting, and heavenly fragrance. Wrapped in sweet sentiments, this home fragrance collection makes the perfect present for yourself or a loved one.

A Mother's Faith Figurine

In this resin depiction of the love and faith of a mother, Kate Lee's minimalist style reminds us of the light and strength emanating from a faith-filled woman.

Here's to You

This album from Nathan Pacheco is a collection of tender and beautiful songs featuring sublime renditions of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Mother, I Love You," "Make You Feel My Love," and more. Here's to You is the perfect gift for all the mothers in your life.

All Kinds of Mothers

In this collection of inspirational messages and true stores, dozens of Latter-day Saint women share their gospel insights found in everyday motherhood. Perfect for all women in whatever role they occupy, these messages remind us there are countless ways to fulfill the divine role of motherhood.

Katie Loxton Bracelets

Beautiful silver-plated bracelets wrapped around a lovely card, finished with a sweet poem and meaningful sentiment—the perfect gift for the women in your life.

You Put the Music in Me

Best-selling artist Calee Reed burst onto the scene with a song dedicated to her mother. Now those lyrics can help you show the moms in your life your gratitude and love.

Mom Everything I Am You Helped Me To Become Necklace

This dainty stamped rose flower necklace comes packaged with a cute metallic rose envelope.

Other necklace designs:
Mom You Make the Sun Shine
I Couldn't Have Picked a Better Mother

Charcuterie Board

Create beautiful spreads for friends and family with this stunning natural wood and white marble charcuterie board.

Measures 25"x 10"

Temple Bag

Available in Tan and Red.

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