15 Stunning Mack Wilberg Arrangements

Mack Wilberg

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s director, Mack Wilberg, is known around the world for his soul-stirring arrangements, which bring a renewed energy to well-known melodies. The 15 videos below are just a sampling of the hundreds of songs that have been arranged by Wilberg.

Come, Come, Ye Saints

“Come, Come, Ye Saints” is a signature anthem of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. In this arrangement, Wilberg has the women start off singing the first verse, followed by the men in the second verse. The third verse begins to build as the men and women harmonize together. As the fourth verse begins, the music of the Orchestra at Temple Square continues to escalate until the Choir sings their final “all is well.”

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Come, Come, Ye Saints | The Tabernacle Choir

Amazing Grace

Wilberg’s arrangement of "Amazing Grace" starts with bagpipes, followed by the men singing in unison. Gradually, vocal parts are added as it builds to an awe-inspiring culmination of harmonies. Of the hymn itself Wilberg said, "It's a perfect marriage of text and tune . . . it just resonates in a way that few other hymns do." He added, "It has universal appeal.”

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Amazing Grace | The Tabernacle Choir

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