16 Ways to Find Peace After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Loss

Welcome priesthood blessings.

Priesthood blessings can provide peace, comfort, and direction. Blessings can also give the father of the baby a tangible way to help.

Whenever possible, put off making any major decisions.

Decisions such as a job or residence change are best made when you have had sufficient time to resolve your grief. Hasty decisions made in moments of deep grief may be problematic later.

Try to be patient with others.

Remember that people deal with grief differently, and many people will not react in the way you expect them to. Others may make insensitive comments that may even seem cruel. It is unfortunate that in a crisis bereaved parents must deal with the insensitivity of others, but most people do not mean to be hurtful. One way of alleviating awkward feelings toward others is to be honest with them about how you feel and tell them gently when they hurt you. By being open, you not only take a step in resolving your relations with others, but you can do your part in educating society about the tragedy of the loss of a baby.

Help other women.

After experiencing something so traumatic as the loss of your baby, you are uniquely prepared to take your wisdom and help others in a similar situation. One woman who lost a baby years ago visits her daughter’s grave only on occasion, but she has not forgotten her. She takes every opportunity to speak out about her tragedy, inform others, and help other women who have lost a baby. By doing so, she believes that she symbolically “puts flowers on her baby’s grave.”

Believe in Christ.

Perhaps the greatest tool we have to help us conquer our trials is the Savior Himself. When in the midst of despair, we can lean on the scripture in Proverbs: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Prov. 3:5–6).

As darkness seems to become all-encompassing, perhaps the only recourse available is simply to trust in the Lord. Trust that He is, that He is guiding our lives on the path He sees fit—perhaps a path that in a previous time we agreed to follow. Or perhaps it is a path chosen by these babies so that they may fulfill their own special missions. Someday we will know the truth and the whole picture of the Lord’s eternal plan for us. Until then, bitterness cannot be allowed to mar the beauty of the lives of these pure, innocent babies. If we can continue to communicate with the Lord through prayer, seek His wisdom through the scriptures, and heed the words of the prophet and other present-day leaders, we will find peace. He will not forsake us if we earnestly turn to Him and allow ourselves to be encircled by His loving arms.

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