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11 books to help children learn gospel principles

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Here are 11 great books to entertain your kids while teaching them gospel principles at the same time. These books are perfect to slip into your church bag on Sunday!

A Child of God

This rhyming, read-aloud book with fun illustrations shares a comforting, faith-filled message from a Black father and mother to their children. Along with the children in the story, your own little ones will think about the ways our skin color, gender, and physical features are all different—as well as the similarities that bind us all together.

Because of Jesus

The separation of death is hard for everyone—but especially for children who have never experienced it before. This beautiful and empathetic new book helps children who have lost a loved one process their emotions, recognize their loss, and understand Christ's role in overcoming death and in physical and emotional healing.

Let Your Light Shine

Bonnie's family has a special guest over for dinner—an Apostle of the Lord! When Bonnie is asked to go feed the chickens, she doesn't want to, but Elder Perry volunteers to go with her. On the trip to do a normal, everyday chore under extraordinary circumstances, Bonnie learns a valuable lesson about light, hope, and the power of example. In this beautifully illustrated children's book, Sister Bonnie Cordon shares a personal experience and her testimony of the difference a focused, Christlike example can make.

New Testament Activities for Latter-day Saint Kids

This activity book is full of fun mazes, dot-to-dots, spot the difference, hidden pictures, and color by numbers. Each activity is about a story or principle from the New Testament.

A Girl's Guide to Heavenly Mother

A Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother is designed for Young Women to explore glorious gospel truths about Her through the teachings of prophets, apostles, and female Church leaders. Filled with quotes, reflections, and expansive art from Latter-day Saint artists around the world, this guide will help girls come to know and love our Heavenly Mother, while strengthening their faith in their own divine potential.

More Than Just a Star

"Papa, what should I dream about?" the young shepherd boy asks his father. "Dream about the Messiah, the One who is coming, One worth watching for." That night and throughout the next day, Micah's father shares signs of the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah, along with a symbol that the boy places in his shepherd's bag to help him watch for that wondrous birth. One night, Micah's father awakens him to help with the birth of a new lamb. Then, surprised to hear a choir of angels and see the long-awaited star, Micah learns of a babe born in Bethlehem. Running with the others to see, he wonders, Could this be the time foretold? Will the signs and symbols that my father shared be fulfilled?

Teachings of Jesus

You've read and discussed Jesus's miracles as a family in Brooke Malia Mann's Miracles of Jesus. Now, introduce your little ones to some of the many parables Jesus taught during His mortal ministry in this new book by Brooke Malia Mann. Follow along with Jesus's teachings about the wise man and the foolish man, the ten virgins, the prodigal son, and many more. With approachable text and colorful artwork, Teachings of Jesus is the perfect uplifting book for you to read with your children or that your children can read themselves.

J is for Jesus

Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind who taught and healed others throughout His perfect life. This book is written as a poem and touched on some major events in Christ's life, including His atonement and crucifixion. Each part of the poem is accompanied by fun, engaging illustrations.

Standout Saints

The courage and faith of these Saints made them stand out from the world, and this educational and inspiring book helps young readers know that they too can stand out.

New Testament Coloring Book for Latter-day Saint Kids

This fun book is full of pictures for young children to color. Each picture depicts a principle or scene from a story in the New Testament.

The Plan of Salvation

Little children ask big questions about our origin, our purpose, and our future. The answers are in our Heavenly Parents' plan of salvation! This board book illustrates the true beauty of God's plan for His children.

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