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13 stunning pieces of art for the women in your life


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought it was only fitting to compile some of our favorite pieces of art that feature women, either as the subject or as the creator. These beautiful works of art would be the perfect addition to any home, whether on the wall or displayed proudly on a bookshelf, to remind mothers, sisters, wives, and grandmothers of their divine role as a woman.

A Mother’s Faith Figurine

In this resin depiction of the love and faith of a mother, Kate’s minimalist style reminds us of the light and strength emanating from a faith-filled woman. Celebrate the faith of a woman in your life with this beautiful resin figurine.

Lifted Together Matted Print

This painting represents women supporting each other through their trials. Artist Kate Lee says she was inspired by a conversation with two friends, who had recently gone through some challenges, where she realized, “if only we had turned to one other during this difficult time, maybe we could have improved each others situations.”

I Am Enough (23x27 Framed Art)

This painting features a woman kneeling in prayer, turning away from the darkness and towards the light, showing that, although there are forces that make you feel you aren't enough, you can always turn to God to discover your true—and infinite—worth.

Also available as a 11x14” matted print, 5x7” print, and journal.

Nourish the Word (16x16 Canvas Wrap)

This is a representation of the scriptural teaching that the word is like a seed. If we plant it in our hearts, give room for it, and nourish it by acting on it, it will grow into a tree.

Peace in Christ (28x24 Framed Size)

A beautiful piece of art featuring Christ carrying a young woman, reminding you that Christ will carry you in your times of need. “It doesn't matter how often or difficult, Christ is right there to lift us and help us through.” —Kate Lee

Also available as 11x14” matted print.

Lovingly Watched Over (16x18 Framed Size)

Lovingly Watched Over by Kate Lee shows the relationship between mother and child. A woman is depicted with an infant in her arms and angels are shown carefully handing off the child to be cared for during its mortal journey.

She Became Herself with Tears (14x11 Matted print)

This piece of art shows a woman praying as she cries, showing that when we turn to God, we can discover our true selves.

His Prayer (22x15 Framed Art)

His Prayer features Christ kneeling in prayer. There were several instances throughout the scriptures where Christ prayed, and many of them were in behalf of others. You can imagine that He is praying for you or a loved one.

She Will Find What Is Lost (23x17 Framed Size)

She Will Find What is Lost has become one of Brian's Kershisnik most popular and recognizable paintings. In this painting angels gather to assist, bless and guide a woman in need.

Reaching (21x17 Framed Art)

Artist Melissa Tshikamba brings another piece in her iconic style. This artwork shows a hand reaching up to the Savior, represented by a bright gold circle.

J. Kirk Richards Print and Frame Bundle

This simple, beautiful and easily interchangeable 11" x 9" frame with six of J. Kirk Richard's most recognizable 8" x 10" paper prints is the perfect way to lovingly display Christ's life as recorded in the New Testament.

Forward in Christ (25x17 Framed Rumple Paper)

This piece by Mackenzie Bontempo is a wonderful reminder that we can always move forward with Christ.

Motherhood - Greater Love Sculpture

While grief, pain, and loss can be profound and lasting, Jacki sought to visually “proclaim the promise that a lost mother will be there in times of need—‘We are not left alone.’” Motherhood—Greater Love attests to God’s works and helps us understand how so many prayers are answered so perfectly and so personally.

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