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17 Mistakes Mormons Make When Teaching Primary Kids


Sometimes we joke about teaching Primary in our culture. We tease young married couples that they'll get called into nursery; since they don't have kids of their own, it's only fair they give the other members a break, right? Or we joke about preparing a Primary lesson, saying, "Just bring some treats and play some games. The kids will love you for it." 

But, is this how we really feel about Primary? Is this how we want to teach the next generation of the Church. While a good chunk of these statements are in jest, they can reflect some dangerous ideas we have about teaching Primary.

Having lived in several states, served in many wards, and trained many teachers; I have seen enough [false beliefs about teaching Primary] to know that many of us struggle with one or more on the list. Each item has the antidote or the doctrinal solution referenced in parentheses found in the scriptures and Teaching, No Greater Call.

I hope that as you prayerfully study these references and many more like them, you’ll focus your teaching at church—and in the home—in the Savior’s way.

1. It is important to get through or to the end of the lesson. (3 Nephi 17:2-3; TNGC pp. 5-7)

2. Questions asked by a teacher are more important than questions asked by a child. (Mosiah 3:19; Moroni 10:4; TNGC pp. 68-69)

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