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17-time Emmy award-winning NBC Sports director’s most unique memory is not what you’d think

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Despite being raised in a Jewish home, Andy Rosenberg considered himself an atheist when he first came in contact with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thirty-two years later, Rosenberg recently sat down with Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission President Tim Pingree in a video interview that will capture your attention for nearly an hour. Not only does Rosenberg share his remarkable conversion story, but he also shares fascinating insights into his career as a director for NBC Sports, covering the Olympics, Wimbleton, and the NBA Finals. Still, you may be surprised by Rosenberg’s response when asked about the most unique experience of his career.

“It’s interesting, you would obviously think it’s some sporting event that I was involved in, but it isn’t. The most unique was the temple dedication of the Manhattan Temple,” he said.

Rosenberg was tasked, as part of the temple area, with directing the jubilee celebration prior to the dedication, which was attended by President Gordon B. Hinckley and held in Radio City Music Hall.

“At the end of it, President Hinckley spoke. So here was an opportunity that I had to actually put the prophet of the Church on camera. As I did, I was a little bit in tears hearing him speak because it was such a special moment for me. And the crew that I had hired were fellows from New York who I knew, all who were doing it as a favor to me...

“Each of them said, ‘There’s something special about that man.’ I knew that it was the Spirit. … They may not have been able to articulate it, but to me it was just another evidence of his calling and who he was and the mantle he has as prophet of the Lord.”

Watch the full interview here.

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