15 meaningful Father's Day gifts your dad will love

by | Jun. 01, 2020


Choosing the perfect gift for Dad can be tough. Whether you are looking for something useful, practical, or sentimental, we've tailored a list of all of our favorites that are sure to put a smile on his face.

Fathers of the Prophets

This book can help a father in your life better understand the importance of his role and calling as a father. In a world where the role of fatherhood is increasingly maligned, marginalized, and even dismissed, this book highlights the irreplaceable role of fathers in the lives of the chosen servants of the Lord and in the lives of children the world over. Fathers of the Prophets is filled with stories and moments that will both inspire and delight. As you come to know and love the fathers of the latter-day prophets, your testimony will be strengthened and you will witness the hand of the Lord guiding the restoration of His Church through men called to be fathers.

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Forty Years: The Saga of Building the Salt Lake Temple

If your dad loves to learn about the Church’s pioneer heritage, this book will provide a new perspective. This enthralling book, written by master storyteller Mark Henshaw, tells the narrative of the building of the iconic Salt Lake Temple—a place of worship and refuge 40 years in the making.

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Temple Door Knobs Cufflinks

These cufflinks can add an elegant and stylish statement to the attire of a father in your life.

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Because of You, Dad

Every dad should know his efforts are recognized and appreciated. Pay tribute and say thank you to the wonderful dads in your life through this sweet and humorous collection of thoughts, including a page ready to personalize with your very own, "Because of you, Dad . . ."

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Silk Necktie

Made of 100% silk and 100% wool interlining, these ties are exceptionally made and are the perfect suit accessory for any man. Available in 12 styles, these ties make a perfect gift and an excellent addition to any dad’s wardrobe.

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The Founder of Our Peace

This book can provide father figures in your life with guidance in understanding the peace the Savior can bring. Through scriptural insights, personal experiences, modern psychological research, and illustrations, The Founder of Our Peace offers Christ-centered patterns to help us combat life’s challenges and invite greater peace into our lives today.

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When You Believe: A Night at the Movies (EP)

A perfect addition to the music library of any movie-loving dad! The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square present a collection of beloved songs from the silver screen. Celebrating uplifting melodies, positive stories, and the inspiring imagination of great filmmakers in recent years, the 360-member Choir and full Orchestra breathe new life into these arrangements like nobody else can. Hold on to your seats for an exciting journey through timeless melodies, epic soundscapes, and an awe-inspiring tour de force of musical talent.

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Mission Belt

This belt is classic, distinct, and every father's friend. Mission Belts are made to be easily customized so if it's too big, you can adjust it.

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Insights from a Prophet's Life: Russell M. Nelson

This unique look into President Nelson’s life can give a dad in your life insights that he can incorporate into his own life. What kind of life preparation does the Lord give the men He will one day call to be prophet? And what are the lessons to be learned from such a life? "Each prophet's mortal schooling is singular," writes author Sheri Dew. "In studying a prophet's life, we see how the Lord molds, prepares, and tutors a man so that at the appointed hour, he is able, worthy, and ready to be His mouthpiece and to lead His people." 

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Sacred Grove (Framed Art)

Gift this art piece to a father in your life to help them pay homage to the restoration of Christ’s gospel. “If we will but follow in Joseph's footsteps and similarly approach our Heavenly Father in prayer, we can, in our own small way, further the work.”

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Dad, I Wrote a Book About You

Through simple, creative, and honoring prompts, Dad, I Wrote a Book about You is an enjoyable way for you to create a heartfelt gift as unique as your father. Fill it with your favorite moments and remind Dad that he's the greatest.

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The Book of Mormon, Journal Edition

The Book of Mormon, Journal Editions can help with both your father’s daily study and his journaling efforts. All the text of the Book of Mormon—as well as large, lined margins—will give you a large canvas to express your thoughts, document insights you've received, or create your own visual art illuminations, or calligraphy, enhancing your daily study and creating a record that will endure.

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Come unto Me

Come unto Me, featuring the stained glass art of Tom Holdman, can illuminate the mission, parable, and miracles of Christ for a father in your life. The authors, a team of respected gospel teachers, share stunning insights and new perspectives that allow for deeper understanding and, more importantly, greater application of Christ's teachings in our lives today. Open the pages and see the beautiful depictions of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the loaves and fishes. Then read the passages and find yourself in each parable and miracle. This book will help us all listen for—and respond to—Christ's eternal plea: "Come unto me."

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Bookshelf PLUS+ Wireless Speaker

Give your dad the gift of a quality speaker and unlimited access to the largest library of uplifting audiobooks. Connect your smartphone or tablet to our new powerful Bluetooth speaker and fill any room in your house with incredible sound. Perfect for home use or as an aid in your next lesson, our rechargeable speaker takes the audiobook listening experience to a whole new level. This Bluetooth speaker includes two months of Bookshelf PLUS+, where you can enjoy unlimited Deseret Book audiobooks and over 2,000 eBooks.

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River: Where Faith and Consecration Converge

Share the powerful story of the settlers from the Muddy River Mission with a dad in your life. When the settlers from the Muddy River Mission, including the Davis Family, move to Long Valley in Utah, they establish the town of Orderville, the most successful and longest-lasting attempt at living the United Order. River is the sequel to Muddy and portrays the story of these idealistic settlers who devoted themselves to living this order with "no rich or poor among them." 

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