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LDS Living’s 2024 Mother’s Day gift guide for all kinds of mothers

For Mother’s Day this year, our Primary children will be singing a song called “The Ones Who Mother Me.” When we asked them, “Why is this song about ‘the ones who mother me?’ What does that mean?” these sweet children were quick to name older sisters, aunts, grandmas, neighbors, teachers, babysitters, and other significant women who have helped “mother” them in the best ways. And the words of this sweet song celebrate these wonderful women, too.

“It's the quiet ways you serve
That teach me how to give.
It's the courage in your heart
That shows me how to live.
And your light is a reason
That I follow Jesus.
You help me find joy in Him.”

So if you are looking for a simple gift to celebrate all “the ones who mother” you, here are some of our favorite ideas.

Gifts for Women Who Want to Learn

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If you’re looking for a gift for a woman who loves to learn, consider what topics she’d be drawn to. Does she love learning from women in Church history? Try She Did: Extraordinary Woman, Extraordinary Faith. Does she want to learn more about charity? Emily Belle Freeman’s From Grace to Charity is a great read. Does she enjoy personal anecdotes and inspiring stories? You Are Loved: Inspiring Messages for Women would be a great pick. Would she want to learn more about women and the priesthood? Get her Sheri Dew’s book on the subject or The Priesthood Power of Women. Does she want to better understand how to live the law of love? Pick up The Law of Love in Action.

Gifts for Women Who Want to Study and Reflect


Does she love to write down her thoughts or spend her study time in a reflective guided journal? Check out awesome and engaging workbooks like the April General Conference, Journal Edition, the Lift Up Your Heart journal, or the Make Time devotional journal. Or if her current daily journal is bursting at the seams, find a beautiful new one for her to keep documenting her faith and family stories.

Gifts for Art Lovers

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Art pieces like Motherhood—Greater Love and the Love statue beautifully celebrate a mother’s love. Pieces like Rescuer, He Binds Up the Broken Hearted, and Come as You Are are just generally stunning for any woman you’re celebrating. Or you could get her a piece like the Christus statue or the Abundance vase that would double as a beautiful piece of home decor!

Gifts for Women Who Want to Attend the Temple More Often


Did April general conference’s talks on temple attendance ignite a fire in her? She might appreciate something to fuel her motivation to attend more frequently, like a new temple bag, a new temple dress, or a new book on covenant keeping or gorgeous temple photography.

Gifts for Women Who Love Wearing a Little Bling


It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating a mama, auntie, sister, or grandma, you can find beautiful, meaningful necklaces for every influential woman in your life. Or find a stunning and sincere piece of jewelry that will be significant to her in some way—like something reminiscent of her mission, her favorite temple, or her favorite scripture verse.

Gifts for Foodies


If the woman you’re celebrating loves to cook (or loves to eat!), a new cookbook from Kneaders Bakery or Elise’s Home Kitchen might be a fun gift she can enjoy for years to come. Or you can simplify her everyday life with a delicious box mix of muffins or rolls from the Lion House.

Gifts to Accompany That Homemade Card


If the youngest members of your household have their hearts set on giving Mom a homemade card, a potted seedling from school, or a prized stuffy from their collection, maybe you could accompany their thoughtful gift with something small like an inspiring message from Elder Holland, a chocolate truffle, a scented sachet, a beautiful bookmark, or a set of motivating prints.

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