18 Disney GIFs That Perfectly Describe What It's Like Going to Church


Here's just a typical Sunday for a Latter-day Saint, as told through Disney GIFs:

1. When you arrive early enough to sit on the comfy soft seats. 

2. Examining the program to see who’s speaking in sacrament meeting.

3. What the first Sunday home from a mission feels like . . .

4. And how you feel when your loved one is giving their farewell talk. 

5. Your kids after you’ve explained for the 10th time why they can’t eat their snacks yet.

6. When you go to your home ward and everyone is so happy to see you all grown up.

7. Watching all of the adorable kids in the primary program.

8. When someone shares their testimony and you get all emotional. 

9. When the AC is on full blast in the Relief Society room. 

10. Feeling amazing after an uplifting lesson on God’s love.

11. When someone brings treats for the class.

12. When it’s nearing the end of the block and you’re ready for your nap. 

13. Leaving the parking lot after third hour.

14. Reflecting on what you learned in Sunday School. 

15. When you sit down to eat after a long fast Sunday. 

16. And how you feel after you’ve eaten that fast Sunday dinner. 

17. When someone wakes you up from your long-awaited Sunday nap. 

18. When you realize you get to go back next week and do it all over again.

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