15 of our favorite stocking stuffers from Deseret Book

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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care … and they were full of Christmas goodies! Here are 15 irresistible stocking stuffers you can give this year.

Peace & Joy Christmas Socks

There’s nothing cozier than sitting in front of a fire wearing a pair of warm socks. These thick, cozy socks are an easy way to bring your whole family together no matter how and where you are celebrating this Christmas season.

Candycane Brownie Mix

These candy cane brownies are easy to make, are full of real peppermint candy cane bits, and are super delicious!

Caramel Cougar Crunch Popcorn

BYU's timeless popcorn dominates the decades with its classic crisp coating and familiar crunch. Every bite delivers the warm, buttery flavors of home sweet home.


A fun, fast-paced game for the whole family! Each player chooses a set of dice, and players hold all ten dice in their hands. Someone says “Go,” and everyone rolls at the same time. Quickly look at your roll and decide which number you are going to go for. Put all your dice with that number aside, collect the remaining dice, and quickly roll again. Keep rolling until all ten of your dice show the same number.

Grandpa Beck’s Card Games

Grandpa Beck believes in making game time a raucously good time for the whole group, and he designs games that are genuinely fun for everyone. Gather the family together for a game and make memories that will last forever.

‘Fire’ album by Calee Reed

For her sixth album, Calee continues her focus on songwriting in response to input she solicits from fans. As a result, these songs channel peace, insight, understanding, and a deeper love of the gospel.

‘Once I Was Engaged’ DVD

A new comedy from the creators of Once I Was a Beehive. A stereotypical uber-planner, Carrie Carrington (Lisa Valentine Clark) has her daughter’s entire life planned out. The plan was working for Bree, too—that is, until Thys Chesterfield (aka Mr. Perfect) comes on the scene and, well …. you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

‘Here’s to You’ album by Nathan Pacheco

Nathan Pacheco presents his new album, Here's to You. A collection of tender and beautiful songs featuring sublime renditions of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” "Mother, I Love You,” "Make You Feel My Love,” and more. Here’s to You is the perfect gift for all the mothers in your life.

Vinyl Stickers

Decorate your water bottle, laptop, notebook, or just about anything with these high-quality, faith-filled stickers.

‘All My Loves’ Necklaces

Represent each child or family member with their own heart—after all, they’re the bits and pieces that make your heart whole. Handmade in sterling silver and hung on an 18"chain, these make a wonderful gift to share everyday love.

Liahona Cuff Links

Cuff links can add an elegant and stylish statement to a man’s attire. Comes in a wooden, velvet-lined gift box.

‘Faith in Every Footstep’ Socks

These socks pack a powerful message and make amazing gifts.

2022 Scripture-a-Day Desk Calendar

This new desk calendar features an uplifting scripture for each day. Use each scripture as a quick daily devotional or as inspiration for deeper study.

Fineliner Scripture Markers

Find your favorite scripture and make your mark with this 10-color marker set.

Pocket Gospel Classics

About the size of a cell phone, with text flowing from the top page to the bottom, these books can be read with one hand. They’re printed on thin but durable paper, making them slim and easy to pack or read on the go.

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