2 LDS Boy Scouts Receive National Awards After Helping to Save a Man's Life

by | May 16, 2017

Mormon Life

LDS Boy Scouts Jon and Daniel Holverson received national awards for their quick emergency response that saved a man's life. 

When Clip Holverson and his wife Joelle Holverson were traveling on Thanksgiving Day with their sons, Jon and Daniel, saving someone’s life was not in their plan for that day.

While driving back to Roy from Wyoming, the family spotted a car stuck in a ditch with nobody around. Clip Holverson, a nurse, pulled the car over and got out to investigate.

“We figured if someone was in trouble, we might as well be the first ones to stop,” 16-year-old Jon said.

Clip Holverson ran back to his vehicle to get help and to grab the medical kit located in their car. When Jon, Daniel and Joelle Holverson went down to the ditch to help, they saw two young girls in the backseat and an unconscious man in the driver's seat.

“He wasn’t breathing when we found him,” Jon said. “His heart rate was really slow.”

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