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2 surprising ways Latter-day Saints gave service this Sept. 11

This past Saturday, Latter-day Saints performed service in some ways you might not expect as they joined with others across the country in the 9/11 National Day of Service to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

When you think of Latter-day Saints serving at the temple, you might envision buildings with white exteriors and tall spires. But one Church group did a different kind of “temple work”—at Wat Dhammagunaram, the Thai Buddhist Temple in Layton, Utah. Outside the striking hourglass-shaped building, the group started building an outdoor performance stage and pulled weeds sprouting on the property. The uniquely shaped temple was built in 1995 and is the home of several Thai monks.

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9/11 National Day of Service Memorializes 20th Anniversary of Attacks

And you might be surprised to know that it wasn’t just Americans doing service to commemorate 9/11. It turns out that Latter-days Saints across the northern border wanted to show their solidarity as well. In Calgary, Alberta, a group of members did a citywide food drive with the help of more than 8,000 volunteers. Over 619,000 pounds of food were sorted into 325,000 bags and distributed to people in need.

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