20 Facts That Show Just How Unique LDS Temples Are

Temples are especially significant to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are considered houses of God where Church members make sacred covenants with Heavenly Father and learn more about the mission of Jesus Christ.

These ordinances are central to the meaning and purpose of every temple. But though all temples share this important purpose, each is unique. Some are large, some are small; some serve members in a small geographical area, some take in Church members from multiple countries.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes your temple unique (or how it compares to other temples), read on. All information from ldschurchtemples.com.

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St. George Utah Temple. (Image from LDS Church)

  • The temple with the most sealing rooms is the St. George Utah Temple (18), closely followed by the Jordan River Utah Temple with 16.
  • The Church’s tallest temple is Washington D.C. One of its spires reaches 288 feet.
  • There are more temples outside the U.S. (92) than inside (81).

Freiberg Germany Temple. (Photo courtesy Mormon Newsroom.)
Freiberg Germany Temple. (Photo from LDS Church)

  • When the Berlin Wall came down, Germany became the first country in Europe with two temples.
Lead image originally from Mormon Newsroom.
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