20 New Year’s Goals for Families with Missionaries to Help You Connect Even More

Have a son, daughter, brother, sister, niece, nephew, grandchild, cousin, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, or someone else you know who is out on a mission?

As you’re thinking of potential goals for the New Year, don’t forget to consider ways you can support your missionary. The following are 20 potential goals you could adopt (we recommend just picking one!) that will make your missionary’s day, increase your testimony, unite you with your family, and help in the work of salvation. 


If you don’t already pray regularly for your missionary, that’s a good place to start. If you do already pray for your missionary every day, here are a few ideas you might like to try to offer more specific, faith-filled prayers:

1. Pray for your missionary's investigators

Try praying for your missionary's investigators by name. If you don't know their names, you could ask your missionary to include the names of their investigators in emails so that you can pray for them. 

Even if you don't know an investigators name, you can identify them by what you do know. Examples might be, "Please bless the young woman Elder Smith met in the bakery last week," or "Help the man Sister James is teaching who has questions about loved ones who have died." 

In addtion, you might try praying for an investigator to overcome a specific struggle or question or to reach a certain milestone. "Please soften the heart of John's mother so that she'll understand his decision to be baptized, even if she doesn't agree with it." 

2. Pray for your missionary's companion

Companion relationships are an important part of missionary life and have a great impact on your missionary. Whether your missionary and his/her companion's relationship is currently great or a little rocky, you can reach out through prayer. Offering thanks is also an excellent way to ponder more deeply on the ways God is taking care of your loved one out in the mission field.

3. Pray for the mission president 

The mission president and his wife become your missionary's surrogate parents out in the mission field. As you pray, take a moment to ponder and give thanks for their willingness to sacrifice and bear the responsibility for the mission you're missionary serves in. Pray for them to know how to organize transfers, to know what goals will inspire the missionaries, for their health, etc. If you know you're missionary has an interview coming up, pray that the mission president might have the inspiration he needs to be able to guide and support your missionary in the best way possible. 

4. Pray for the success of upcoming events

You may or may not know much about the upcoming events of your missionary, depending on how detailed their emails are. But if they do tell you about upcoming events, you can pray for the success of those events. For example, if your missionary mentions that they are in charge of planning a role-play activity for district meeting, pray for their efforts. Or if he/she mentions that they're hoping to get more members to help with English classes, pray for that. Basically, the goal is to be aware of the details of your missionary's life, recognize needs, and offer support through specific prayers related to those needs. 

5. Pray for your missionary whenever they cross your mind

You never know what your missionary might currently be facing across the country or across the world. When you think of them throughout the day, make a commitment to offer a small prayer in your heart for their well-being and protection, or a small prayer of thanks for their dedication and resolve. 

Also, encourage your children or other family members to remember your missionary before family prayers or prayers before meals. 

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