20 New Year’s Goals for Families with Missionaries to Help You Connect Even More

Think Like a Missionary

11. Talk to people everywhere you go 

Your missionary is mustering up the courage to talk to all kinds of people, everywhere, everyday. He/she may even be doing it in another language. Boost your own confidence, courage, conversation skills, potential for member missionary opportunities, and ability to empathize and share experiences with your missionary by making a goal to talk to as many people as you can. Perhaps you want to give yourself a number quota or a location to make this goal more measurable or attainable. Starting small and working your way up is never a bad idea. Examples of goals you could make include:

  • Talk to at least two new people each day
  • Talk to the person next to you whenever you're waiting at a crosswalk 
  • Sit by someone on public transportation, instead of looking for an empty seat
  • Give a compliment whenever you meet a grocery clerk, postman, office receptionist, etc.
  • Make eye contact, smile, and say hello whenever you pass someone on the street

12. Give away a Book of Mormon

Church leaders have encouraged us to set dates for our missionary efforts. For the New Year, why not set a date by which you'll give away a Book of Mormon? If the thought makes your legs quake, you could involve your missionary in your goal, and they would love to help. Just say, "I'm thinking I want to try and give away a Book of Mormon this year, but I have no idea who I'd give one to or how to do it." I'm sure you're missionary would be happy to offer suggestions, pray for you, and be your cheerleader along the way. 

13. Read Preach My Gospel

Preach My Gospel is one of your missionary's primary tools for learning how to share the gospel. Here are some ways reading this book could benefit both you, your family, and your missionary: 

  • You'll better understand missionary jargon and your missionary's lifestyle
  • You'll re-vamp your scripture study and gain new gospel insights
  • You'll be inspired to share the gospel with people you know 
  • You'll understand how you can better help the missionaries in your own area
  • You'll have a great resource for family home evenings or church lessons
  • You'll learn principles of time management, teaching, making commitments, language aquisition, etc. that can help you in other areas of your life
  • You'll be able to prepare yourself and/or family members for full-time missionary work

14. Brush up on your mission language

If you've served a mission in another language, set a goal to brush up on those language skills. This could be as simple as deciding to say your personal prayers in your mission language, practicing on a language app for 10 minutes a day, or connecting with others who know the same language and can speak your language with you in conversation. 

In Preach My Gospel it says, "Strive to master the language throughout your mission and after you return. The Lord has invested much in you, and He may have uses for your language abilities later in your life" (Ch. 7). 

Your efforts to remaster your mission language will give you empathy for your missionary and connect you in your language-learning efforts. And if you're missionary happens to have the same mission language as you do, you have an even greater opportunity to practice and cheer each other on. 

15. Get to know the missionaries in your area

As you think of your missionary in a far off place, you probably feel grateful for the efforts of the members in that area who invite your missionary into their home for dinner, give him/her rides when needed, attend member lessons, help at English class, greet them by name at church, strive to find people for them to teach, and help in a myriad of other ways. 

Why not be that kind of member for someone else's daughter, brother, or friend who is serving as a missionary in your area? You could start by learning the names of the missionaries in your area and praying for them. As you strive to get to know them, ways to help and serve will present themselves. 

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