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Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler share free study guide with 25 names of Christ

Watch a video message from Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler below about their new Immanuel Wreath and download a free printable study guide with scriptures to go along with the 25 unique names of Christ featured.

The charismatic team behind “Don’t Miss This” has created a new study tool and centerpiece for your family’s holiday season.


The Immanuel Wreath is meant to be used in anticipation of Christmas and Easter. The 12” wooden wreath has 25 candle slots can be used in two different ways: either fill all the slots with candles and light a new one each day, or move a single candle around the circle to a new slot each day. Each candle slot has been marked with a name of the Savior, a daily reminder to invite Him in to your celebration. You can shop now and order your own Immanuel Wreath here.

Listen to Emily and David explain the wreath in the video below.

And now, Emily and David have put together a list of 25 scriptures to accompany your study of the 25 names of Christ listed underneath each candle on the wooden wreath. Here’s a preview of their list:

Click here to download the full list of scriptures.

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