3 Things to Help Smooth Out the Sunday Morning Rush

by | Jan. 06, 2018

Mormon Life

If you are experiencing a new start time for your ward or just want to make sure your family is on time this year, these tips are words to live by.

1. Set a weekend routine.

"Saturday is a special day. It's the day we get ready for Sunday: We clean the house, and we shop at the store, so we won't have to work until Monday. We brush our clothes, and we shine our shoes, and we call it our get-the-work-done day. Then we trim our nails, and we shampoo our hair, so we can be ready for Sunday!"

The words to that Primary song were written over 100 years ago, and may or may not apply to today’s busy lifestyle. Saturdays can often be as busy as any other day with sport activities, recitals and even work or travel. If it isn’t possible to get things done the day before, it is imperative that you have some sort of system in place.

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