3 Underwater Mormon Ghost Towns You Can See Today

Bonus: Brigham Young's Ship?

In 2014, when the shores of the Great Salt Lake shrank as the lake plunged to its lowest levels since 1963, many panicked about these dropping levels. But the harbor master of the Great Salt Lake State Marina, Dave Shearer, was excited.

He saw the drought as an opportunity and set out to discover hidden shipwrecks of boats owned by famous pioneers such as Kit Carson, John C. Fremont.

One ship he discovered may have had an unexpected owner, however—Brigham Young.

In 1854 Brigham Young ordered a ship built, to carry cattle to and from Antelope Island. "The Timely Gull, which was reportedly designed to be powered by horses on a treadmill, was later outfitted as a sailboat," the Salt Lake Tribune reports. 

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An old shipwreck from the Great Salt Lake, possibly that of the Timely Gull. Image by Dave Shearer retrieved from the Salt Lake Tribune.

But during a storm in 1858, the boat broke free of its moorings and floated to the south end of Antelope Island before sinking beneath the lake.

Shearer discovered remains of a ship—skeletal-like remains that look more like a spine and vertebrae made of wood—that he believes to be the wreckage of the Timely Gull. But historians say that though the wreckage looks consistent with those of the Timely Gull, there's no way to know for sure until an expensive and extensive excavation is done.

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