Latter-day Saint Life

3 Common Fears That Have Eternal Consequences

“Fear is a normal part of life,” Bishop Stevenson [explained]. He said that while he could rattle off a long, varied list of fears human beings have, he would focus on three types of fears that have more eternal significance. These are fear of starting a family, fear of failure, and fear of ridicule for the beliefs of the Church.

‘Fear of marriage and family’

Bishop Stevenson said that he had sat in a number of meetings, councils and committees where they discussed the prevalent fear young people have of marrying and starting families. Their reasons for putting off marriage range from wanting to finish school to wanting to be more financially stable, he said.

“First of all, I believe that Satan understands that the family is central to the Lord’s plan of happiness,” Bishop Stevenson said. “His strategy is to cast shadows of skepticism in your life.”

“Focusing on the joyous light family life brings will cast out fear,” he said.

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