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3 Myths About Sister Missionaries We Need to Stop Believing Immediately


What are some of the harmful myths we unconsciously spread in the Church about sisters and serving a mission? Here are three for starters: 1) marriage is more important than a mission, 2) sisters aren't as essential or effective as elders, and 3) because sisters don't hold the priesthood, they don't have power. Read on to find out why these are completely untrue.

And, to help debunk another common myth, that girls not serving a mission are less righteous or just waiting around for husbands, check out "10 Things Girls Who Aren't Serving Missions Wish You Knew."

Since many of you are preparing to serve a mission, you should be prepared for some form of opposition. In my opinion, much of the opposition I faced felt like Satan wanted to scare me out of doing a good job. Often, those fears had to do with being a woman—what impact will I make? Will I be safe? Is this really the next step I should take?

Let’s break down some of the barriers, address some myths Satan would want you to believe, and see how sister missionaries contribute significantly to the work of the Lord simply by being  righteous women.

MYTH #1: Marriage Is Always More Important than Going on a Mission

Let’s get one thing clear: a mission isn’t a study abroad; it’s not a vacation. It isn’t a time to escape life responsibilities. No matter what life decision you make, it’s a path, not a break from the path.

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