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3 unique resources to help you get the most out of general conference


General Conference is something we all look forward to twice a year. We know Church leaders spend so much time preparing to speak to us. But how are we preparing to listen to them? How can we be ready to receive counsel from our leaders and get the most out of the experience? And how do we make the experience last longer than conference weekend? Here are a few excellent resources to help you and your family get ready for general conference, make your conference study and note-taking easier, and help you reflect and revisit the talks in the weeks and months to come.

Available for adults and kids

The Work+Wonder adult workbook was designed to guide you in preparing your hearts and homes for the timely messages of general conferences and engage in the words of our leaders. Through prompted note pages for each address, you are invited to actively listen as you record personal revelation and meaningful impressions in a beautifully designed space that will encourage you to revisit your notes often. After the conclusion of conference weekend, it will guide you to reflect on overall themes, recurring promptings, and set goals to act! This workbook will become an essential tool and blessing to you as you capture the inspiration of general conference and welcome the teachings into your daily life!

And the children's version was designed with your young ones in mind, specifically ages 6–11! The workbook includes activities that will not only entertain your little ones but help them to engage in the words of prophets and apostles. Their hands will be busy and reverent as they learn to actively listen and participate in the messages with you, hopefully giving parents more capacity to listen as well! Included with every kid's workbook is a sticker sheet for the temple map and various activities, and a Christlike attribute character to bring discipleship to life and take their learning beyond the spirit-filled weekend.

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You can also join in Work+Wonder's conference prep discussion on social media.
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The General Conference Addresses, Journal Edition will have all the text of the April 2021 general conference addresses in one spiral-bound paperback book. This awesome study resource will ship out after conference, and its extra-wide, lined margins provide space for you to record your impressions and document the insights you receive as you revisit the inspiring messages from general conference.

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This packet aims to provide a pre-conference lesson to help you kick off general conference, activities to do during the week to put everyone in the right mind-set, yummy recipes to here with your family, activities to do during conference to capture your thoughts and insights, and a post-conference lesson to help your family set goals for the next six months. Highlights include articles from LDS Living, activities from Don't Miss This, coloring pages, and family discussion prompts.

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