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38 Perfect LDS Baptism Gift Ideas

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Baptism Journals

Help children recognize and remember the covenants they make with a baptism journal. Watch their testimony grow as they record the spirit they felt when they were baptized.


  1. My Baptism Keepsake by Sara Staker - $17.95
  2. My Baptism Memories and First Journal (Boy) by Pioneer Plus - $14.99
  3. My Baptism Memories and First Journal (Girl) by Pioneer Plus - $14.99
  4. All About My Baptism! Journal by Covenant Communications - $9.99
  5. My Baptism Book by Joseph Lyon - $6.50

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Bracelets, Necklaces, and Tie Pins

These accessories from Cherished Moments are great reminders of the covenants made at baptism. They include reminders to "choose the right."


  1. Infinity Baptism Bracelet by Cherished Moments - $17.99
  2. CTR Oval Tie Pin by Cherished Moments - $6.99
  3. Baptism Bracelet (Pearl Hearts) by Cherished Moments - $16.99
  4. Just Baptized Shield Pin and Bookmark by Ringmasters - $5.99
  5. CTR Necklace (Pink Hearts) by Cherished Moments - $15.99

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Embossed Scriptures

As they covenant to remember the Savior, help your newly baptized child continue to learn and study the Savior's words with a personalized set of scriptures. Deseret Book offers a number of options for scriptures, including genuine and simulated leather in at least four different colors.


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Scripture Markers

What better way is there to start learning how to study the scriptures than to mark the ones that stand out the most?


  1. 8 Color Pentel Scripture Marker Pencil by Eagle Mountain Accessories
  2. Erasable Scripture Crayons by Eagle Mountain Accessories
  3. CTR Mini Pencil Scripture Set by Pioneer Plus
  4. I Promise Stackable Scripture Marking Crayons by Pioneer Plus

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Scripture Totes

If you give the gift of a new set of scriptures, then you will need to give something to carry them in. Check out these totes, great for getting both boys and girls excited about using their new scriptures.


  1. Jessie Black Leather Scripture Tote by Deseret Book Company - $30.99
  2. Ava Ruffle Scripture Tote by Deseret Book Company - $24.99
  3. Collin Camo Tote by Bella McKinsey - $18.99
  4. Karch Football Tote by Bella McKinsey - $18.99
  5. Sarah Multi-Chevron Scripture Tote by Bella McKinsey - $19.99
  6. Sydnie Yellow Scripture Tote by Deseret Book Company - $12.99
  7. Hamilton Scripture Tote by Covenant Communications - $24.99
  8. Sydnie Black Scripture Tote by Deseret Book Company - $12.99

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CTR Rings

Be honest—CTR rings today are actually pretty cool. With all the different colors and styles, you're sure to find the perfect fit.


  1. Black Titanium CTR Ring by One Moment in Time - $29.95
  2. Flower Petals CTR Ring by Ringmasters - $34.99
  3. Ignitor Flames Black Tungsten Carbide CTR Ring by One Moment in Time - $49.95
  4. Daisy Flower Scroll CTR Ring by One Moment in Time - $14.95
  5. Flower Mood Spinner CTR Ring by Pioneer Plus - $5.99
  6. Tire Tread CTR Spinner Ring by Ringmasters - $21.99

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Books for the Adult Convert

Not everyone gets baptized when they are young, and that's okay. These books are perfect for older converts who want to dig deeper into the covenants they just made and prepare for future covenants.


  1. Live the Good Life by Thomas S. Monson - $17.95
  2. Our Search for Happiness: An Invitation to Understand the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by M. Russell Ballard - $14.99
  3. Happy Like Jesus: Lessons from Jesus Christ on How to Live by D. Kelly Ogden - $10.99
  4. When Thou Art Converted: Continuing Our Search for Happiness by M. Russell Ballard - $13.99
  5. Our Father's Plan by Boyd K. Packer - $14.95

Books for Children

Prepare your children for baptism with these great children's books that teach about the covenants made at baptism and how to recognize the Holy Ghost.


  1. Practicing for Heaven by Brad Wilcox & Wendee Wilcox Rosborough - $18.99
  2. What Are the Promises I Make at Baptism? by Michele Leigh Carnesecca - $17.99
  3. How Does the Holy Ghost Make Me Feel? by Michele Leigh Carnesecca - $18.99
  4. The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket by Annalisa Hall - $14.99
  5. I Want to Be Baptized by Annalisa Hall - $14.99


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