4 Ways Mormons Get the Priesthood Wrong

When I was ordained an Elder I remember being taught this truth by Elder Bruce R. McConkie: “We are his agents; we represent him; we are expected to do and say what he would do and say if he personally were ministering among men at this time.” It struck me, I need to prepare and be worthy at any minute to act and stand in the place of the Savior.

All of the claims of Mormonism rest upon the claim of divine authority also known as the priesthood. Understanding the doctrine of the priesthood is so important to understanding the Restoration, and therefore it is under siege by Satan.

Satan knows that it is only through the ordinances of the priesthood that the powers of godliness are revealed (D&C 84:19-22). So if Satan can get us to misunderstand the priesthood, he will block our access to the powers of God. Here are four ways Mormons get the priesthood completely wrong.

They Think Miracles Are Only Performed by the Priesthood.

One of the most vicious lies Satan teaches about the priesthood is that miracles are performed only by the priesthood. This lie is so dangerous because miracles are performed by faith. Even Jesus Christ told those He healed, “Thy faith had made thee whole.” Mark 5:34 (25-34). And whereas Latter-day Saints have the corner on priesthood authority, we do NOT have the corner of faith. There are many righteous people of all denominations who have the faith necessary to produce miracles. . . .

So if faith is the agent of healing, then why does one need to call upon the priesthood? Because the priesthood compliments the faith of the sick. When someone calls upon priesthood holders to come bless them they are in effect saying, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief!” And as their faith is joined together and united seek a blessing by the virtue of the priesthood power and authority the promise is that the powers of godliness will be manifest.

“The words spoken in a healing blessing can edify and energize the faith of those who hear them, but the effect of the blessing is dependent upon faith and the Lord’s will, not upon the words spoken by the elder who officiated.”

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