Latter-day Saint Life

4 Programs that Help LDS Youth Stand Out

I've had the opportunity to work with youth inside and outside the LDS church in a number of different capacities throughout my life. During those times, I've often been approached by other leaders/counselors who have said things like “there’s something different about LDS youth” or “your youth are just so good.” While I absolutely do not claim that LDS youth have a monopoly on goodness, I think there is something to my friends’ observations. What is it that makes LDS youth stand out? In the end, I believe it stems from a firm knowledge of God’s plan for them and a strong conviction to live the principles of the restored gospel. Although the basis for most of this learning starts in the home, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a number of programs that support parents and help LDS youth put those principles into practice.

1. Early Morning Seminary

To most of the Christian world, the word “seminary” refers to a theological college that prepares individuals to become priests, ministers, or rabbis. But for members of the LDS church, it refers to a daily religion class where youth come together to learn from the scriptures.

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