42 Songs Prophets Have Quoted in Conference (from Broadway to Country Music)

43 Non-Hymns Mentioned in General Conference Talks

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Latter-day Saints are instructed to "choose wisely when using media because whatever you read, listen to, or look at has an effect on you. Select only media that uplifts you." But as time goes on, the search for uplifting media has become more and more difficult, especially the search for uplifting music. 

That's where general conference comes in. No, we're not talking about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (though they are great to listen to!). We went looking for songs besides hymns that have been mentioned by prophets and apostles conferences past--and were surprised by how many we found! 

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it's still fun to see what uplifting songs have inspired Church leaders to share them with us!

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"Angels Among Us" by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs

Quoted By: Thomas S. Monson, "Teach the Children," October 1997

"A popular song includes the words, 'There are angels among us.' These angels are quite frequently the precious little ones God, our Father, has entrusted to our earthly care. 

"Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms" by Thomas Moore

Quoted By: Paul H. Dunn, "By Faith and Hope, All Things Are Fulfilled,"April 1987

"And so for the first time, Thomas Moore sang to his wife the song that still lives today:

"'Believe me, if all those endearing young charms which I gaze on so fondly today, were to change by tomorrow and flee in my arms like fairy gifts fading away, thou would’st still be adored, as this moment thou art—let thy loveliness fade as it will.'

"Moore heard a movement from the dark corner where his wife lay in her loneliness. He continued:

“'Let thy loveliness fade as it will, and around the dear ruin each wish of my heart would entwine itself verdantly still—'

The song ended."

"Bring Him Home" by Claude-Michel Schonberg, Jean-Marc Natel, and Herbert Kretzmer

Quoted By: Thomas S. Monson, "Bring Him Home," October 2003

"One of the longest-running musicals in history is Les Miserables. The story is set in the period of the French Revolution. The principal character in the musical is Jean Valjean. In his heartfelt concern for the young man, Marius, who is going off to battle, he expresses in song a sincere prayer:

God on high, Hear my prayer;
In my need you have always been there.
He is young, he’s afraid;
Let him rest, heaven blessed.
Bring him home. …

Bring him peace, bring him joy.
He is young; he is only a boy.
You can take, You can give;
Let him be, let him live.
If I die, let me die,
Let him live. Bring him home."

"Come Fly With Me" by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn

Quoted By: Thomas S. Monson, "Patience—A Heavenly Virtue," October 1995.

"In the words of a well-known song, I wish you could '“come fly with me' to eastern Germany, where I visited last month."

"Don't Kill the Little Birds" by Unknown

20501Quoted By: Spencer W. Kimball, "Fundamental Principles to Ponder and Live," October 1978

"In Primary and Sunday School we sang the song:

Don’t kill the little birds
That sing on bush and tree,
All thro’ the summer days,
Their sweetest melody.

"As I was talking to the young men at that time all over the world, I felt that I should say something more along this line.

"I suppose in every country in the world there are beautiful little birds with their beautiful plumage and their attractive songs."

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Which is your favorite? What other non-hymn songs have you heard quoted in conference? Let us know in the comments!
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