5 Famous Mormons Who Served Missions (& Where)

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5 Famous Mormons Who Served Missions

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Being a celebrity probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Oh, there’s money, sure—but the price of fame ensures that every decision made will be highlighted, every fashion choice scrutinized, and every mistake magnified. Though this prominence may be taxing at times, it does provide those who have it with a unique opportunity to publicly express their opinions and stand for their beliefs.

Many not of our faith have provided the Church with exposure and renown, both on the screen and on the stage. It’s been said that “any publicity is good publicity,” and that may be true—but the best publicity comes straight from the source.

Mormons have the responsibility to act like a disciple of Christ in word and deed, and for a Mormon who’s under the constant watchful eye of the public, that responsibility naturally compounds. Luckily, there are plenty of famous members whose actions reflect positively on the Savior—and some of them are even returned missionaries.

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