5 Mormon-Themed Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again, and with Halloween fast approaching, it's time to talk costumes. Sure you can go as a witch or mummy for the fourteenth time, but to break you out of your costume slump, we've brought you the very best easy and LDS-inspired costumes. 

Of course, there are many more "LDS-themed" costume ideas out there, from going as green
Jell-O or the CTR shield to doubling as Napolean Dynamite and Pedro. But out of all the different options, these are our five favorites:

Angel Moroni Statue


Ten extra points for creativity on this one! A simple robe, decorative gold Christmas trumpet, and a lot of gold spray paint make this costume one of our favorites! Take extra care painting faces and make sure you wait for the paint to dry before heading out.

Armor of God


From Mustard Seeds blog

After seeing the adorable boy mentioned by Elder Hales in his October 2013 conference address, we thought it could be a great Halloween costume! You can find most of the items like swords, breastplates, and shields anywhere that sells regular Halloween costumes, and with a few adjustments have a great LDS costume!

Mitt Romney


On a day where you can dress up as anyone or anything, we'd be happy to pretend to be part of the Romney family. A good suit, patriotic tie and pin, and some gray hairspray will cover you on this one. Just remember when you are depicting a real person to be tasteful and don't do anything a Romney wouldn't!



This costume has been trending in recent years and is a great go-to if you're tight on money or time. Just put on your Sunday best and print out a name tag. You can even throw on a backpack and bike helmet for an extra touch. 

Boy Scout


This is another easy costume if you or someone you know is already into Scouting. If not, the "costume" components are easily ordered online or found at DI. You can even get away with just a Scout shirt if you already have appropriate pants and a baseball cap. A backpack is a great prop for this costume as well.

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