5 Things Every Convert to the Church Should Know

I’ve heard from various missionaries that the drop-out rate for converts joining the church is 50% in the first year. That number is high, but it doesn’t surprise me. Once the celebrations of you becoming a member are over, and you’re used feeling the Spirit regularly, things can get tough. What you thought would be a life filled abundantly with blessings can sometimes just feel like a lot of trials. I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be alright, and everything is going to be awesome if you let it be. Here are some tips I have for new members of the church, based on my own experiences.

1. Expect and prepare for trials.

I don’t mean to start out this list on such a negative note, but I do think this is really important for every new member to understand. However, please also understand that every trial and challenge will be for your benefit. It seems difficult to comprehend at first, but when we’re faithful, life’s trials will usually get harder but feel easier. When you are becoming more like Christ, you’ll have the strength and confidence to overcome the things that are thrown at you. You can absolutely be happy amidst hard times. I promise.

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