5 Ways to Lead Youth Without Taking Over

by | Jul. 14, 2014

Mormon Life

A calling to serve in the Young Women’s, Young Men’s, Scouting, or the Single Adults organization can be daunting. Too often, it seems, youth don’t pay attention, act responsibly or even care about what you have to say. Now that’s a conundrum. Nonetheless, youth leaders are needed in the LDS Church. And the best youth leaders know that they must delegate assignments and leadership tasks to youth, rather than do it themselves, to be effective. Carefree youth eventually become responsible adults through leadership and training. Sometimes leaders want to throw in the towel and just do everything themselves, but here are five ways you can get the youth to take responsibility.

1. Build trust

“First thing, build trust with them. Let them know that you care and you are there to help,” says Mark Grant, who has been a Scoutmaster for 20 years, currently with the Cedar Hills 3rd Ward.

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