5 Ways to Share the Gospel During the Holidays

by | Dec. 01, 2014

Mormon Life

Christmas. Just the word makes our hearts stir. Beautiful trees strung with tinsel and lights. Carols ringing through a frosty night. This is a special time of year when hearts, hands and homes are open, to each other and to the Savior. As Bobby Macey, the Brandview Manager for Deseret Digital Media, says, "The holidays are a great time to share feelings of gratitude and love."

The festivities and spirit of the season provide unique opportunities to share the gospel with our families, friends, and strangers.

This guide does not attempt to cover every possible way to share the gospel during the holidays, but it does teach principles and give ideas that will make you think, “That’s so easy. I can do that.”

The Spirit will guide you to know exactly how and with whom to share the gospel this year as you consider these five principles and ideas for their application.

Prepare to Share

Bobby Unser is one of only two automobile racers to win the Indianapolis 500 three or more times in three different decades. As a man who has met success in his life and career he said, "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

How do we prepare ourselves to successfully share the gospel when opportunities come to us? Let’s learn from the shepherds.

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