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5 Big Changes the Church's "Friend" Magazine Is Making Next Year


As the new year rolls around, the Church's Friend magazine has some exciting new changes to get children more engaged and excited about the gospel.

It’s time to break out the crayons! In 2017, new paper and new features are coming to the Friend. Here are five new things to look for in next year’s magazine.

New child-friendly paper

If you’ve ever watched a child write or color on glossy magazine pages, you know how tricky it can be—especially with crayons. That’s why, starting in 2017, the Friend will be printed on thicker, textured paper that’s perfect for coloring and paper-and-pencil activities. This change is designed to help children have a better experience with the activities in the Friend.

Expanded preteen section

Preteen children are at a stage of important transitions—and they also face serious challenges such as profanity, pornography, drug use, technology, and mental health issues. To help older children strengthen their faith to meet these challenges, the Friend’s “For Older Kids” section has been redesigned and expanded from four pages to eight. Stories will cover gospel topics geared to older readers and also stories about children dealing with challenging situations.

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