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5 Helpful Tips You Need to Know for Elder Holland's and President Eyring's Historic Face-to-Face Event


For the first time in Church history, a member of the First Presidency and an apostle will host a Face-to-Face event with the youth of the Church on March 4, 2017. 

This historic event featuring President Henry B. Eyring and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on Saturday, March 4, 2017, at 11 a.m. MST promises to be an incredibly spiritually enlightening event.

And as such, here are a few things you should know so that you will enjoy this amazing event to the fullest:

1. Read Up About Joseph Smith's First Vision

The event will be broadcast live from Palmyra, New York, the place where Joseph Smith received the First Vision and also follows closely to the 2017 Mutual theme "Ask of God" based on James 1: 5–6, so it would be beneficial to brush up on Church history.

2. Submit Questions Beforehand

The youth participating in the broadcast can submit their questions beforehand using this link to They can also write the questions down in a journal and ponder them before the broadcast.

3. Follow the LDS Youth Instagram Page Before the Event

Not only will theldsyouth Instagram page livestream the face-to-face event, but it will also show behind-the-scenes footage of Church history sites the week before the event. Make sure to follow the page before the event to see all of the interesting footage. 

4. Tune in Early

Ten minutes before the broadcast begins, the Church will show an exclusive, world premiere of new movie "Ask of God" about Joseph Smith's First Vision. You can tune into the broadcast online on the LDS Youth Instagram page, the LDS Youth Facebook page, YouTube, or the homepage.

5. Invite a Friend

There could be some questions you need answers to this face-to-face event, but there may be someone else that needs answers too. Invite friends and family members to tune into the broadcast or if you miss it, watch it together later with some of your friends.

For other helpful tips, read the Church's article about how to prepare for the event.

Lead image from the LDS Youth Instagram page
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