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5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Missionary's Mother's Day Call

Certainly one of the most anticipated events for any family with a missionary in the field are the Christmas Day and Mother’s Day phone calls. This is especially true when it is the first phone call home from the missionary who is serving. The chance to actually hear your missionary’s voice (and maybe see his/her face too, if you’re using Skype) can be an immensely gratifying and uplifting experience. The opportunity to call home should be an experience that will motivate both the missionary and their family. The following tips come from my own experiences and from several other RMs to help you make the most of your phone call.

Be respectful of mission rules regarding phone calls home. Each mission is different in its guidelines for calling home. Some missions only allow missionaries to talk to their families for a half hour, while others allow the phone call to last for an hour (or even more). Some missionaries are allowed to make calls using Skype, while others are only allowed a phone call. 

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