6 Healthy Recipes That Don't Taste Like They're Good for You

The “Man” Salad 

6 Healthy Recipes That Don't Taste Like They're Good for You

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"After marriage, I discovered that not all men can live on salad. After a few years of trial and error, Josh and I figured out the salad that satisfies a man. There are 3 main components to creating the “Man” Salad: Sprouted lentils/Beans: they are a heavy food and require more work to digest, which creates heat in the body and thus acts similar to meat in the body. The other two components are sprouted or toasted seeds and rich and creamy nut based dressings."


Create a salad base with greens: 4–6 ounces of greens, per plate for an adult.  Add sprouted seasoned lentils or beans (see p. 14). Add a combination of vegetables, ensuring there is at least one root vegetable (carrot, radish, onion, beet, sweet potato). Here are some ideas:

- avocados, dressed in lime juice

- beets, skins off or left on, spiralized

- grated carrots, julienned or spiralized

- chard, cut into ribbons

- collards, cut into ribbons

- corn, raw and cut off cob


- ginger, freshly grated

- herbs, fresh, chopped fine or cut into small pieces jicama, cubed

- kale, cut into ribbons

Add in any of these mix-ins:

- olives (black or green, without ferrous gluconate, a color enhancer)

- onions, thinly sliced

- peas, thawed under warm water and then drained

- peppers, colored

- pickles (raw, fermented)

- sauerkraut (raw, fermented)

- sprouts (radish, alfalfa, buckwheat, pea shoots, sunflower greens, broccoli)

- tomatoes

- zucchini or yellow squash, sliced and quartered or spiralized

Drizzle with a dressing of choice and top with sprouted or baked seeds. Enjoy a hearty salad!

Found in  Naked Nutrition: Whole Foods Revealed 

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