6 Screen-Free Sunday Traditions

4. Sounds of Sunday

“On the Sabbath day, have appropriate music playing in your home to invite the Spirit and help it remain throughout the day. This will be a great reminder and help to the family to ‘keep the Sabbath day holy.’”

Every Sunday morning growing up, my wake-up call usually involved the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or another Church singer coming through the house’s sound system. It was a great way to bring the Spirit before we left for Church.

5. Sunday Surprise

“On Sunday morning, give your children a little something to look forward to, to help them feel like Sunday really is a special day, apart from the others during the week. Place a small mint or candy underneath their pillows for them to have a sweet awakening.”

This is something I never heard of doing, but it makes sense. Especially as a child, even something as small and simple as a piece of candy could make an event or day feel more significant or special.

6. Acceptable Activity List

"Have a list posted in the family room or other common area with some acceptable ideas for Sunday activities. Children will then have a clear idea of some things that they can do, instead of wandering around wondering what there is to do."

Though we never wrote our list down, we asked Mom for something to do on Sundays enough times that we knew what she would tell us if we were bored on a Sunday afternoon. Journal writing, playing the hymns on the piano, or going for a family walk around the neighborhood were some of my favorites.

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