6 Fun Family Activities to Celebrate Joseph Smith Receiving the Golden Plates


Looking for an excuse to have meaningful fun with your children? Remember and commemorate the significant events that occurred September 21 and 22 by sharing a simple testimony and engaging in appropriate activities with your children.

Joseph Smith recorded details surrounding the visits of the Angel Moroni on the eve of September 21. When Joseph went to obtain the plates the next morning, Moroni instructed him to return to that location every year for four more years. Joseph likely had September 22 marked on his calendar! After these yearly appointments, Joseph finally obtained the plates on September 22, 1827.

Consider some of the following ideas to commemorate this significant date:

  1. Read the account regarding Moroni in the Testimony of Joseph Smith at the front of The Book of Mormon.
  2. Talk about the principles we can learn from this account: God does answer prayers. Angels do appear. Moroni really cared about this record—he was one of the authors of the gold plates. The Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God.
  3. Incorporate angels in the family treat: angel food cake, angel cupcakes, angels shaped with powdered sugar on pancakes, or angel crafts.
  4. Watch a church movie about Joseph receiving the plates.
  5. Play hide and seek or sardines. One person hides with a certain object representing the plates, and the others try to find that person.
  6. Have one family member dress in white, maybe even a white robe. Shine a bright light on them in the dark room and discuss how this is similar or different to the account from Joseph.

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