7 Famous People Who Married Mormons

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Mayim Bialik
Formerly Married to: Michael Stone

The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik married Michael Stone in 2003. Stone, who was raised in a Latter-day Saint family, actually left the Church at around age 12 and eventually converted to Judaism around the time he married Bialik. 

In an article for a Jewish parenting site, Bialik wrote, "My husband was raised Mormon. How Mormon? Well, let’s see… Sunday school, accepting the priesthood, baptizing the dead, family in Utah who don’t drink hot beverages and strongly disapprove of Big Love. Should I stop now? Yes. Very Mormon."

Though the pair parted ways equitably last year, they continue to co-parent their two children, and Bialik still respects her Mormon in-laws and LDS beliefs at large. 

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