7 Famous People Who Married Mormons

7 Famous People who Married Mormons

Photo from Fan Daily

Robert Redford
Formerly Married to: Lola Van Wagenen

Actor Robert Redford's first experience with Utah came in the '50s when he was exploring routes between the University of Colorado in Boulder and L.A. He recalled in an interview with Mens Journal, "I didn't know anything about Utah. I'd heard Mormons had rings in their noses." 

He later found out that they didn't, eventually marrying Mormon Lola Van Wagenen in 1958, though in a 2005 interview, he described her as "non-practicing."

Redford and Van Wagenen have four children together, and Redford reports, they were raised in "a zone of neutrality so they can make up their own minds."

In 1985, the pair divorced. 

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