7 Mormons with Millions of YouTube Views

Stuart Edge

7 Mormons with Millions of YouTube Views: Stuart Edge


Stuart Edge started out as a port-a-potty cleaner with only 9 subscribers on his budding YouTube channel. Then he posted the video of a Mistletoe Kissing Prank he pulled on BYU campus.

Literally overnight, his channel was exploding with views and subscribers. In its first week, the video had 10 million views, and within a few weeks his channel had 100,000 subscribers. He was being contacted by news stations wanting to air his video and interview him.

Now he's moved on from construction to become a full-time video editor, specializing in magic tricks and pranks that more often than not involve getting girls to kiss him and/or go out with him. 

Recently he got to demonstrate one of his tricks to Jimmy Fallon, and the shenanigans continue! Be sure to check out his Facebook page and ebsite to see what all the fuss is about.

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