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7 Easy Ways to Help Reactivate Singles

Why do young single adults have some of the lowest church attendance rates? Well, as a young single adult I will tell you: our lives are crazy! I have heard single-hood described as a great, black hole until marriage; this is true because when you are a young single adult you have no roots.

Singles are in a constant state of going to school, holding three jobs, and moving to a new apart—oh! Never mind, moving out again. Because singles lack roots, they often drift away from the church. Their excuses of being too busy and having no one in the ward they know eventually result in their nonexistent church attendance.

As a former member of my Relief Society presidency, I know a lot of tips on how to help reactivate singles and get them to remember they are loved.

1. Visit Them

This is always the best place to start because it shows an inactive young single adult that you are aware of them and took time out of your busy schedule to visit. A visit shows that you truly care for them and want them to return to church.

2. Bring a Calendar

Whether it is a Relief Society’s newsletter or the program from sacrament meeting, a calendar is a great thing to give inactive singles on visits. An upcoming activity on the calendar might interest the single enough to attend it, but they won’t know about the activity unless they have a calendar.

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